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From Ron Garan, author of the critically acclaimed book The Orbital Perspective comes

The true story of a combat fighter pilot and astronaut's life journey. An adventure that illuminates a path toward understanding the meaning of life and our place in the universe.

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"Floating In Darkness is one hell of a ride!"

Peter Gabriel - Musician

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Humanity is at a perilous crossroads. Never before in history have we faced so many life-threatening challenges.

Floating In Darkness provides hope that we can steer toward a positive and restorative future

Floating in Darkness, the sequel to Ron’s critically acclaimed first book The Orbital Perspective takes the reader on a profound journey of discovery. It addresses fundamental aspects of the evolution of society and humanity and serves as a call to action to help steer the trajectory of our society toward a future we would all want to be a part of.

Ron takes us on an extraordinary journey through outer space and inner space. He explores the dancing, intersecting orbits of religion, spirituality, and science while grappling with his own role in the violence of combat and the effects of war on all aspects of human life. We witness Ron struggling with mortality while also basking in the sheer wonder and beauty of our world and beyond.

From this perspective, Ron maps out a viable path forwardto solve our crisis we need a giant leap in humanity's evolutionary process. We must transcend individual and collective ego and embrace the true nature of our interdependence with this fragile planet and all life within its biosphere. Ron shows us how to discover our purpose, detoxify our divisive culture, and become a "white blood cell" in a growing immune response to heal our world.

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About the Author

Having enjoyed an illustrious career that has cemented Colonel Ron Garan’s place as one of the world’s most influential individuals, the iconic father of three is a decorated NASA astronaut, fighter pilot and test pilot, a humanitarian, and a social entrepreneur.

As part of a select group of individuals who have been fortunate enough to see the world from space, Ron champions his “orbital perspective” message. He is celebrated not just for his research in space but also for his humanitarian contribution to life on Earth.

Ron Garan

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